Summer Tote Bag (FREE DELIVERY in Metro Manila)

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"Girl's cannot leave home without their bags.

Bags has been one of the necessary essentials for every girl.

It's our companion to hold our important things that we need every day.

For our covenience we prefer spacious yet fashionable bags. 

Today we offer this Fashionable and Trendy Tote Bag available in different designs.

Guaranteed large space to accommodate most of your stuffs.

It can match up any of your outfit and in any season. 

It is double lock  feature  by button and zipper for the anti-theft of your things.

So have yours now! 

The Fine Print

* Redemption Period: May 22 - September 22, 2012
* For payment inquiries: 623.2710 / 570.84.48
* FREE Delivery within METRO MANILA
* Additional shipping fee of P100 for outside Metro Manila
* Voucher is transferable
* Voucher is not redeemable for cash.
* Unlimited voucher purchase per person.
* No cash back for any unused voucher(s).

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>Authorization letter is needed if the buyer is not the one who will receive the delivery of the item.
>No time request for the delivery of the item.
>In the event that the courier arrive and no one has received the item for you, you need to pick-up or you'll pay the adittional charges to our courier P50.00 per voucher.


  • Available in 10 Adorable Designs:
  • *Heart
  • *Colored Polka
  • *Star Fish
  • *Giraffe
  • *Fashion Violet
  • *Cheq-Grey
  • *Cheq-Brown
  • *Cheq-Blue
  • *C Red Black Grey
  • * Black & White Polka
  • *Easy and Convenient to use
  • *Large Space to accommodate your stuffs
  • *Fashionable
  • *You can use in any season

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